Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Am A Tree

this is a poem I wrote back in early May, back when I was thinking alot about the ground on which I stand.

I Am A Tree

There I stand
Stuck, nothing
But my roots begin to spread

With water and soil,
My roots make me
Strong and tall

Nothing can beat me down
I'm too big
For my enemies

In thanks,
I give my roots seeds
So my fellow tree pals may grow

My fruit feeds,
My flowers bring a smile,
My leaves bring shade.

I'm able to help those
Who need me,
All because of my roots

I Am A Tree

The Musee d'Orsay

For those of you that went to France and England with me, when you saw me walking around the Musee d'Orsay on our last day in Paris, you most likely saw me walking around with my journal in my hand. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to share this but, I've decided I wanted to. The beginning of this journal entry doesn't start with the Musee d'Orsay, but you'll be able to tell when I do.

I felt as though I had a hangover this morning after our Dance in France and Rave in the Cave; my head was pounding so hard. Aunt Heath pulled and April Fool's joke on us this morning- SO RUDE! We went to a cathedral today, the windows were just amazingly gorgeous, but I was all into the architecture of the building itself. While everyone was staring at the windows, my eyes were staring at that instead. Oh Monet (this was after we finally came in the Musee d'Orsay), pure genius. What he does with colors is just so pure, I can't think of a word to do him justice. He captures beautiful moments as if every color was laid out in front of him. Sunsets are indescribable, yet he is able to detaily recieve every color in it. The ocean isn't just one color as other artists may put it, it is many shades that are displayed in maraculous work. Claude Monet seese things from perspectives in which most people don't, like how I do with my photography. This paintings make me feel as if I could jump right into the scene if I so desired, which I do. He's the only painter I feel can do so to me. His painting "Coquelicots" is just simply breathtaking. A woman and her child in a beautiful patch of poppies. The sky is perfectly blue-like today in particular. His paintings of water lilies are simply marvolous. Flowers in the breeze (different painting)with the woman and her umbrella and her dress in the wind-breathtaking. Colors of flowers below her of greens, various pinks, its like he took a snapshot. Monet's cathedral series is just simply perfect, not sure which is my personal favorite, but they are all equally persice in its timing of sunlight, night, dawn, noon, etc. I'm back to the water lilies-its almost looks like a gator could just swim right through and it would just work. Van Gough-eh. everything is too outlined, the base of the paintings are too thick. Moving on, I'm in a room, and it is, royal, I feel like my jeans and cardigan are unworthy for this room, as if I have to dress up just to enter. Its like heaven, no matter how hard I could try, I would never be worthy enough to simply dance in this room, yet alone walk into it, but I just did. Just like that. Freedom and forgiveness and grace let me in. Grace was what let me in this room by the muesum owners and its God's grace thats letting me into heaven one day. Curse that dreaded no cameras rule. People are just sitting around making out when there is such beauty all around them, I feel like that's God's beauty and no one pays any attention. But God's beauty isn't something I can see or touch, but feel with my heart and no one is paying attention. I'm actually starting to get slightly pissed because of it. People in this muesum are completely ignoring the detail these building designers put into here. Such percisness and similarity, I know it used to be a trainstation but 15/16ths of the people probably just ignored it then. People are just so blind and they can't see whats right in front of them... and I mean REALLY blind. Its the biggest part of the muesum and people are MISSING IT! just like God's love-its so freakin ginormous, I don't understand how people are missing it. It just fathoms me. Of course lots of people often see the big picture, but how many of the people can make out the vaguest details? I'm in the photography section, I noticed not many people were inside, but what all these people are finding boring are what the artists themselves are finding beautiful. The photographer captured the moment they found beautiful. Talk about individuality. Many portraits are of naturea dn that most people just walk past, but the photographers are forever capturing that moment they found beauty in which they wanted to remember forever. "Photography Not Art" was the name of that exhibit. But anthing can be art. ARt is something one person finds beautiful and another person does not. A photographer finds his pics beautiful, a musician finds his music beautiful, a biologist finds whatever it is he does beautiful, a chef finds his food beautiful, a painter finds his paintings beautiful, a mother finds her child beautiful, a designer finds her clothing beautiful. God finds us beautiful. Its. all. art. "All alone in my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be."-Cinderella song. So I was extremely upset when we had to leave the museum. I took a 10 min nap, woke up, and forgot were I was....and blah blah blah. the rest of that entry was just about the rest of that day. But all of that took up 4 pages in my journal. I hope you found something in it.


Emily Lynne. My mind is a story in and of itself. I have very different views on subjects, and I'm not afraid to speak my mind on a subject. When taking a rightbrain/leftbrain test I got a fifty-fifty score. But the thing is, my mind doesn't make up who I am, my heart does. These are the thoughts deep within my heart.