Saturday, January 21, 2012

NYC is going to be MY city

It's been a while since I've blogged, life's been a tad in the way lately. Today I decided to share why I believe that NYC is where I need to be in my future. A few months ago I got a letter in the mail from the American Music and Dramatic Academy (in NYC) and I was offered the opportunity to apply for free (and if I get accepted-I automatically get a $1,000 scholarship!). College decisions have been making me stressed, insecure, and so on (all emotions I NEVER feel). About a month ago, just randomly while I was praying one day, I felt like I wasn't supposed to go to college-I was supposed to go into the mission field. I didn't tell anyone about it for quite sometime.

Then one day, I was praying again about AMDA and then I heard God tell me, "You were right-you are meant to go into the mission field, just not in a third world country. Your mission field is New York City." Then, later that week, one of my best friends Kyndall told me her dad was taking a mission trip to New York City for spring break. This trip was a trip he took almost yearly with students. My freshman and sophomore year I didn't feel called to go-so I didn't. When each team gets back, they do a service telling the community about their trip and my sophomore year after they got back, I felt God saying to me "You need to go next time". But, my junior year we got a new youth pastor and Daryl (Kyndall's dad) didn't do the trip that year. But now, I'm a senior and I have the opportunity to go-so I'm going. First the missions trip, then college-NYC is where I belong.