Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face It

On Sunday night I went to a Matthew West concert, it was so incredible, I cried a couple of times. His opening act was a guy named Johnny Diaz who sings the song “More Beautiful You”, a song I’d heard a million times on the radio. But when he was on the radio, I thought he was talking about a beautiful God, turns out, it’s about his wife. Before he sang the song he talked about how girls in general have this constant obsession with looking beautiful. (I mean, have you ever noticed how much longer we take in the bathroom that guys do?)

One of my favorite shows this summer was called “HUGE” it was about a camp for extremely overweight teenagers to help them lose weight. The main character on the show was named Will, (short for Wilhelmina) and on the very first episode she told the camp counselor that she didn’t want to lose weight because she “was down with her fat,” and “me and my fat are BFF”. Throughout the entire series you saw girls trying sooooo hard to lose weight and make themselves skinnier. Will’s one friend, Becca, wanted to lose weight so bad so she “could make herself beautiful”. But Will asked her, “Becca, if we lived in the Medieval times, when fat was considered beautiful, would you have wanted to be fat?” Becca never answered the question.

Face it ladies: although some of us won’t admit it, but we all deep down inside want to be beautiful. But think about this: who told you that you weren’t beautiful in the first place? Who made up these standards we try to live up to, that turn out to just be crap? I’ll tell you who: Idiots who know nothing whatsoever. God made us beautiful just the way we are. Face it. It’s true.

Men who read this (if you’re still reading): Tell the special women in your life that they’re beautiful. Everyday, if you want to, because even though some girls already know how beautiful God made them, we like a little reminder now and then.