Monday, November 28, 2011

Avoiding Relationship Suicide.

I've never been one to really want to be in a relationship. Yeah, over the past few years I've liked a few people, but the whole idea of dating just didn't sound all that interesting to me. It's not because I have one of those "GAH! Dating is evil!" -type of attitudes, I just haven't found someone who I believe I could have an ideal relationship with. All the guys I know are either too much of a brother to me, too douchey, or they just didn't love Jesus (that needs to come before me to them).

So, just recently I've noticed that a good majority of my very dear friends are in relationships or they're about to be and almost every time I checked facebook, someone was in a new relationship, and I started to get a little frustrated about it. I didn't tell anyone that, but good ole' mother can read me like a book and could tell. So, this past Sunday we were in the car and I started talking about my best friend and her boyfriend (they celebrated their one year of dating last month-isn't that cute?!) And I started going on about how precious I think that they are together and about how I just love the two of them together, and basically just how perfect they are for each other. (People go on rants by complaining about things, I go on rants about how much I love people)

So, as I'm talking to my mother about my best friend she said to me, "You deserve that too, you know." (I hadn't even said anything about that, but like I said, mom can read me like a book). "I know you've been really frustrated lately that everyone around you is dating someone and you're not. But God's got a really wonderful man in store for you who will treat you like the princess you are." And I started to cry. My mother is wonderful.

People often ask me why I don't date, I'm avoiding relationship suicide by not just dating any ole' guy that comes my way. God's got someone better for me, no idea when it's going to come, but he'll come and he'll treat me like I'm a beautiful princess. Yeah, this whole waiting thing DOES get really annoying and it often makes me feel really upset, but like I said, I'm avoiding relationship suicide. :)