Saturday, December 8, 2012

Destination: NY Part 2

As I left off a while ago, I didn't get to go on the NYC trip.

Fast forward to the beginning of senior year. I'm 17 now and working on college applications. I didn't quite know where I wanted to go yet. I was planning on applying to Winthrop, App State, and Anderson. All three are within 3 hours of my house.

Then one day I get a letter in the mail from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Apparently I'd been offered the VIP application. Meaning I could apply with no application fee, and if I got in, I would recieve a scholarship. As soon as I read the letter I sat at our bar stool and thought about what it'd be like moving to NYC. I began to cry. I was scared. My mom told me, "Just apply, you can think about the move later." I didn't know God had just told me, again, that I was going to NYC.