Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Beauty, Twitter, and the VS Fashion Show last night.

As per usual, it's probably been forever since I've posted. I wish I was a cool, frequent blogger like some of my friends, but I'm kind of scatterbrained and don't always think all my bouncy thoughts are all that important most of the time. So to the 3 people who actually pay attention to my blog-I (again) apologize for the extreme gaps between posts.

Also, anyone who knows me knows I'm a total Jesus-freak, but I'm gonna leave Jesus and religion out of this post as much as possible because I believe this applies to everyone regardless of your beliefs and I don't want anyone who's not a Christian to think I'm trying to convert you.

This is not another one of those "VS MODELS ARE UNREALISTIC" type posts, either. (Basic.)

Last night was the Annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. While although I didn't watch it (I was too busy hanging out with some of my favorite people in all of NYC), VS IS my employer, so I'm a supporter of the fashion show (or else I'd get fired…just kidding). I DID however keep up with Twitter throughout the evening and saw the never-ending feed of tweets from girls about how they'll never look like the models do. One post actually said, "models vs me" with two photos underneath: one of Adriana  Lima and another of a potato.

I mean, c'mon, a POTATO?! Don't we ladies realize how beautiful we are? Whether you think we were all designed or we were all by chance-don't you recognize how unique we are individually? Why do you need to look like Candice Swanepoel (who many of my co-workers have met, she's pretty nice)? She's beautiful. YOU'RE beautiful. You want to know why you're BOTH beautiful? Because who gave us the authority to decide who/what is beautiful and what's not?

Why can't you just be…you? Let Candice Swanepoel be Candice Swanepoel. Let Emily Krull be Emily Krull. And you let yourself be you. There's an awesome quote by Amy Poehler where she simply states "I always wanted to grow up to be Amy Poehler." You should have that attitude about yourself. Look like you. Be you. When you're getting ready for the day, don't put on an outfit because you liked the way it looked in the catalog, put it on because you look hot in it. Don't' do your makeup a certain way because winged eyeliner is in, do your makeup in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

Some people that I'm close with have expressed to me that they think I look better with a natural lip versus the bold red lip that I like to use everyday. My response? I politely tell them that I don't care because I like the way I look. I like my red lipstick. Not because I want attention. Not because I wanna look like Taylor Swift. Not because I'm seeking your approval. I wear red lipstick because I think I look badass in it and it gives me confidence.

Do what makes you confident.

Another woman's beauty doesn't devalue your own. Honestly, we should appreciate each other's beauty. I think Audrey Hepburn is the classiest, most radiant lady to ever grace planet earth. Do I want to BE her? (Well,…I mean…if I'm being honest-sometimes). But at the end of the day, I want to look like Emily Krull.

YOU GUYS, we should compliment each other more. Tell your best friend her eyes look really cool with the headband she's wearing. Tell your mom she looks hot today. Tell your Starbucks barista you like her eyeshadow. Tell the H&M cashier you like her blouse. Tell a random girl on your morning commute that her boots are cool. We need to encourage each other. Build each other up. Because the constant comparison is ripping us apart. And little do you know-it's ripping you apart.

Don't insult the way another person looks. If someone's being a douche, call them out. There's far too many douchebags in the world. But don't ever insult the way another person puts themselves together. Because guess what? It actually kills.

Kylie Jenner got a lot of crap for the rumor as to whether or not she got lip injections and she doesn't really seem to care. If she did or if she didn't, she likes the way she looks. Let her feel confident. That's awesome she feels good about herself.

I guess all I'm trying to say is, don't let another woman's beauty belittle how you look at yourself in the mirror. Encourage others. Because when you compliment another woman, you'll slowly but surely start to believe that compliment about yourself, as well. You're awesome. I love when you just be you. You badass, you.