Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegetables and Snoodles

So, tonight I was babysitting two little boys and my brother and we decided to have a Veggietales marathon. I hadn't watched an episode of Veggietales in ages so watching them was almost like a trip down memory lane.
The second episode we watched was "A Snoodles Tale"-one that could've been written by Dr. Seuss. The little snoodle names Snoodle Doo was loaded down by all the harsh things that other people were saying (they painted pictures for him so he "wouldn't forget how dull he is") and the painting were in his sack and they weighed him down, so he ran away. He ran away to a cave and found a "strange snoodle" (GOD!) and He spoke to the little one and told him he was born to do great things for HE had created Snoodle Doo and that he was born to do great things. So, after removing the bad paintings from this sack, the big snoodle (GOD!) painted a picture of Snoodle Doo as a great and mighty snoodle. "I made you, you were born to do great things" he said to him. And then Snoodle Doo gave the big snoodle (GOD!) a painting of flowers that he had made earlier. "That's for my fridge!" the big snoodle told him.
So, Snoodle Doo went down and changed everyone's lives from what the big snoodle (GOD!) told him.
So, I have no idea how many times I said "snoodle" in this post, but it's important to me to get the whole story in. Lately, I'd been feeling down with college decisions and for some reason a few things from my past have been making me a little depressed. I don't know that I want to do yet school-wise and I'm feeling really pressured and weighed down (just like the snoodle!) and when the big snoodle was talking I felt like I was hearing God's voice telling me that I was born to do great things, and I started to cry. (This isn't the first time a veggietales has made me cry.) I talked to God and I felt like all my bad paintings were being torn from my backsack and I felt so relieved. And when the big snoodle said "That's for my fridge!" to the little snoodle I felt like that was God's way of telling me that He loves me so much that He wants everyone to see what I'm able to do.
Veggietales=you'd be surprised how life-changing they can be.